HI THERE! I am Tony Silva, a photographer and filmmaker from Phoenix.  Taking professional photos of families is a great pleasure of mine, because I know the immensely infinite value of memories.  So that's what I do:  I create memories that can be revisited time and time again for generations to come.  You see, nothing is really more important than this.  Pictures are memories that will outlive us all.  But not only that...

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Great photography is delivered on a silver platter! Yes, it is.

And by this I mean... these frozen moments in time need to be taken very seriously in the way you pose, in the way we capture real, organic candid moments and in the way the photos are delivered.  I shoot all my photography with high resolution cameras, fast lenses and I believe my work speaks for itself.  

Every session, whether it be family or individual portraits, lasts one hour.  In that time frame you may have different locations and unlimited wardrobes.  

I will pose you and your group, we will do a mixture of candid and "looking straight in the lens" pictures and as many photos as I take, I will edit them all, individually, and send them all to you.  Minus, of course, any blurry ones or photos that have people blinking.  ALL for $150

Once you send me a message I will contact you within a few hours so we can find the best date, time and location for your session! It's that easy. 

I will suggest time and location according to what type of look you are going for. 

Once the session is over you get your fully edited photos within 24 hours.  You won't find this anywhere else, guaranteed.  

Please fill out the form ASAP as this is a limited time offer, first come first serve.   

Offer limited and only valid until September 30th. Hurry!