Learn how you can add visual artistry to your song


the knowledge on how to have an artistic music video that will take you to the next level.  I want to give you a gift and share with you some of my secrets to preparing yourself and your band to shoot the ultimate video for your song.  THIS will make all the difference.  

I am a cinematographer and music video director in Arizona. 

I have also written, filmed and edited hundreds of music videos all over the country.  Artists are the one group of people I really love - your passion, creativity, sense of the arts and hunger to thrive in the crazy music industry is what captivates me.  So if you are looking to shoot a music video soon, please fill out your information below and let me send you:


A video tutorial in which I explain to you ALL you need to prepare yourself for your next music video shoot.  By this I mean: 

  • the storyline and how to create one

  • locations and how many you need

  • working with the director

  • how to have control over the edit

  • how to keep the budget as low as possible

  • how to get people to be on your music video


A FREE and customized teaser or trailer that would be released before your music video does to create a buzz, or a hype, and start getting the word out that you are about to share with the world your song in a music video.

*Terms & Conditions May Apply

Tutorial only valid until September 30th. Hurry!

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