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Maybe it's to capture a sense of wonder... lost or found.  Real or not.  

I am a native of the Amazon State, in Brazil.  Grew up in the U.S. and at an early age I began demonstrating interest in film.  We're talking 12, 13.  


In my late 20's I attended Seminary and began studying theology and philosophy, to go into the ministry. Wow?! you're thinking.  Yes.  Wow.  But during my time there as I was turning in most of my papers in VHS tapes in the format of short films, a professor had a serious talk with me and said, "Tony... go study film.  That is where your true passion is".  So I took heed, dropped out, moved my  family to Hawaii, and began pursing the art and studies of film and cinema.  In 2007 I shot there my first short film - in Honolulu, where it was shown in a small theater. 

After that I began studying film and started to work on documentaries, commercials and music videos which takes me all around the US - from Hawaii to NY.   I have connected with all types of people in and out of the industry, as well as grown to love working with people and the art, even more. 

In 2014 I worked on a full-length documentary entitled I Don’t Want To Die, which is about the health care system in America and cancer treatment.  Unfortunately it was shelved and never saw the light of day.  Two years later, however,  a new opportunity came to light, to work on an original documentary about vector born diseases.    

After writing a rough draft for the documentary and editing a short teaser of some of the footage filmed for it, I decided to share it on social media.  The teaser got major attention, more than 100,000 views in just a couple weeks, with over 1,500 shares.  This is when myself and the producers knew we had something special in our hands. 

This film is now under production and has grown into a movement as well as a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  Its mission is to spread healing and awareness about vector born diseases  to the masses, through the medium of film.    

Currently I reside in Phoenix, AZ but like stated before, I travel everywhere doing what I love.  A project needs to have something special for me to take it, so if you feel you have an innovative idea, a song that you know will make a difference or a product that needs life injected into it in terms of visuals, please don't hesitate:  contact me.  

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