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What is a Bombastic Entrance video you ask?  Imagine after your wedding ceremony.  All your guests are enjoying themselves at the reception waiting for the recently married couple.  Then, to everyone's surprise, a video starts playing on a big screen, and your guests begin watching something like this: 

Bombastic Entrance Videos (BEV) are fun, designed by both the producers, and the bride and groom.  We film it in one whole day, and you are guaranteed to receive it by the day of your wedding.  These are unique gifts you are giving to your family and friends, to show them your appreciation on your important day, and later can be posted on social media and Youtube for everyone to see forever. 

Through out the entire month of June, 2018, once you purchase a BEV package, you get a free engagement photographic session by Frances Cecilia Photography.

BEV Film is produced, directed and edited by Bosch Films

For June 2018 Only!*

Bombastic Entrance Video Pricing: 

$1,250 - 50%


Plus! Free engagement session! 

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